Products you can trust
1.Enzyme Series - Enzymatic desizing agents for high temperature conditions.
2.Amylase Series - Enzymatic desizing agents for normal temperature conditions.
3.Sumizyme Series - Catalase enzymes for destroying residual hydrogen peroxide after bleaching processes.
4.Enzylon Series - Basic protease enzymes for silk degumming.
5.Kinucon Series - Basic protease enzymes for blended silk degumming.
6.Cellulase series - Cellulase enzymes for biopolishing processes.
Scouring Agents
1.Pieral Series - No-foam scouring agents for rapid winch and jet machines.
2.Lavotan Series - Low-foam scouring agents for continuous machines.
3.Felosan Series - Solvent base scouring agents with stain removing and low-foaming effect.
4.Postanol Series - Special solvent scouring agents for various purposes.
Wetting Agents
1.Kollasol Series - Wetting, de-aeration and foam dumping agents for the textile industry.
2.Chemosol Series - Wetting and penetrating agents for all textile processes.
3.Natron Series - Phenol and cresol free wetting agents for the mercerizing process.
H2O2-Stabilizing Agents
1.Contavan Series - Stabilizers for continuous peroxide bleaching.
2.Perstab Series - Stabilizers for discontinuous peroxide bleaching.
Sequestering Agents
1.Heptol Series - Full range sequestering agents for pretreatment and dyeing processes.
2.Beixon Series - Biodegradable and phosphorous free sequestering agents for demineralization.