Laboratory Services
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In order to keep pace with the increasing demands of the textile industry, the V.P.C. laboratories have been upgraded and extended during the past few years.

Primary functions involve the checking of all raw materials used in our manufacturing processes to ensure conformance with agreed specifications. After manufacture, products are tested for compliance with specific performance standards. All quality assurance procedures have been designed to meet the requirements of ISO9001:2008.

A vital function is the analysis of products appearing in the market, often claiming to be superior in performance, or cheaper in price. V.P.C. Laboratories are now well equipped to investigate the type and composition of such products, including Optical Brightening Agents, and respond swiftly with a competitive counter offer from our own wide basic range.
Of course, our principal suppliers have their own research and development laboratories as well.Thus from the myriad auxiliary chemicals available in the world today, V.P.C. Group can select the most suitable components and develop tailor-made products for our customers.
We know too, that in any textile process, difficulties or problems can arise from time to time. V.P.C. laboratories are always willing to investigate the causes along with factory management, and indeed, have acquired considerable experience in this field.
Do not hesitate to take advantage of all that V.P.C. Group can do for you.