Products you can trust
1.Alfasoft Series - General purpose silicone softeners .
2.Tubingal Series - Superior silicone softeners for higher performance.
Silicone Emulsions
1.Silastol Series - Special macro-emulsions of polysiloxane with elastomeric properties and shade improving effect.
2.VPC-Silicone Series - Micro-emulsions of polysiloxane for various purposes.
3.Hansa Finish/Wet Series - Nano-emulsions of special polysiloxane for high performance.
4.Hansa ASE Series - macro-emulsions of polysiloxane with shade improving effect.
Resin Finishes
1.Reaknit - Glyoxal based resin products.
2.Pararesin Series - Polyurethane resin products.
3.CHT-Catalyst Series - Accelerators for improving cross-link effect.
Water and oil Repellents
1.Asahi Guard Series - High performence water and oil repellents based on fluorocarbon.
2.VPC Guard Series - General purpose fluorocarbon water and oil repellents.
3.Evoral Series - Water repellent products derived from microwaxes and zirconyls.
Flame retardants
1.Flacavon Series - Full range of flame retardants .
Hand Builders
1.Primatex Series - Special polymers with a particularly firm handle on all kinds of textiles.
Special finishing products
1.Amolden : Special anti bacterial products.
2.Aninsen : Anti mite, anti mosquito.
3.Sunwarmer : Warm feeling agent.
4.Ice Coat : Cool feeling agent.
5.UVS : Ultra violet protection agent.
6.Tendre : Anti bacterial products based on natural substances.
7.Caloner : Natural moisturising agents containing vitamins & amino acids.