Customer Services
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Within the last few years, customer services have been considerably expanded so as to now be able to offer a wide range of investigative and technical support. This being complementary to the on-going development and improvement of our range of chemical auxiliary products in all fields of the local textile industry.
Modern pilot scale processing machinery can reproduce factory conditions in printing, continuous and exhaust dyeing, pretreatment and finishing operations.
Specific customer requirements are welcomed, and by working together in partnership, products and procedures can be established to meet the increasingly stringent performance standards of the world market.
We recently acquired a complete analytical optical system by Zeiss, for the investigation of fluorescent brightening agents by reflectance/absorption data in the case of fabric or yarn samples, and by transmission/absorption data in the case of solutions. We are thus able to formulate special OBA products that will match the customer's standard shades of white precisely. We are now able to identify the type and concentration of the optically active components in commercial products on the market today, which in turn allows us to offer competitive products and pass on the corresponding savings to the customer.
One of the major effects of the progress in recent years, has been the simultaneous development of our technical service staff. Our laboratory personnel, have now accumulated a wide knowledge of our customer's needs. They are frequently working with production people on the factory floor, involved in matters concerning product development, commissioning of new machinery, evaluation trials or problem solving.
In close support of our technical staff we have a number of senior expatriate advisors with experience in almost all fields of textile processing, and who are always available for consultation.
Add to this the vast resources of our principle chemical raw-material suppliers around the globe, and it is clear that V.P.C. Group is justified in it's claim to provide:-